DEVOTO is a furniture crafting brand established in 2008. Family sized company focuses mainly on children furniture and whole room concepts for children.

DEVOTO brand aims to be a professional and clever in top quality solutions yet safe for children of any age. Each piece of furniture constructed in DEVOTO is a storyteller on its own and also has a capability to grow

with children as they do.

DEVOTO wants to make everyday home living better and smarter with their ideas which are both timeless and original.


We work exclusively with proven materials that have the highest certification standards and are from the best domestic and foreign suppliers.


Rounded corners, high-quality branded hinges with lifetime warranty or drawers with hidden runners are a matter of course for us, as well as harmless and certified materials.


When designing, we look for the perfect combination between aesthetics and material. We know that every detail forms a whole and that is what matters. Our own design handles, soft colours, unusual cuts and shapes are our unmistakable signature.

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Kodaňská 35
110 00 Prague
Czech Republic